Friday, December 23, 2011

oh dear...

I have been a terrible blogger lately! This term was crazy (I managed to get myself a 3.81 though) and this break I have spent a lot of time doing a lot of nothing - and loving every minute of it.

Absolutely Abigail has been good to me, but I had trouble finding a "theme" I liked. I didn't really know how to just write about my life, and I wanted to find a way to do that...enter "Dear Abbie" - my latest project. You can check it out here :)

I'm sure you all know the famous advice column, good ol' Dear Abby...I'm doing my own spin on that - letters to myself, telling me everything that has been going on in my life - the events, how they make me feel, random thoughts, etc. I'm a Pinterest addict (you can find me here) so I'm sure lots of pictures and things of that nature will find their way into my new blog.

I really need a creative outlet and a break from the crazy while at school, so hopefully Dear Abbie will be just that. Hope to see you over there!

xoxo Abigail