Thursday, October 27, 2011

the one in which class was cancelled and i decide to ramble incessantly

I'm supposed to be in class right now...but I'm not. Don't worry, I'm not skipping - it was wonderfully cancelled last night, causing me to do a happy dance on the spot because now my presentation (in Spanish, mind you) has been postponed until Tuesday. Its cancellation last night was the icing on the cake of the best day ever.

To avoid any confusion, it really wasn't the best day ever. Certain events fooled me enough to say that, but I've seen better days! Not that yesterday was bad by any means. Wow, I'm confusing. Just go with me, okay? It was a fantastic day, but I use "best day ever" a little bit too liberally. That's all.

Sometimes I ramble. It's best to just go with it.

Anyway, yesterday was a typical Wednesday - also known as "not my favorite day of the week". (As far as weekdays go, I usually like Tuesdays and Fridays. On the weekend my one true love is always Sunday.) I have class and work and class and work up until 5:00, then usually have something I have to work on for Thursday, which makes it pretty stressful.

Yesterday I walked into my afternoon class to learn we had a quiz. It was a terrible surprise. Not that it was a pop quiz - it was definitely on the syllabus. So that was my bad...I blame the fact that the quizzes have been consistently pushed back and I just assumed that it would be on Friday rather than yesterday...clearly I need to pay more attention in class and check Blackboard with more frequency.

Needless to say, I completely bombed that quiz. Couldn't even BS my way out of it, I was so thrown off.

That's a bad day for an overachiever like myself.

As we were leaving class, I was talking to one of my friends (and by talking I mean freaking out, just so we're clear) about this term and how much it's stressing me out.

I was explaining to him how ridiculous this term is. I'm taking five classes (six if you include my workout class, which isn't challenging in the sense that I have to work hard to get an A, but does still take up my time, which is really valuable this term). All of my classes are upper-division and they are challenging me like nobody's business.

Every single one of them requires a lot of reading, studying, and hard work in general. I am busting my butt to try to get good grades in all of them, but that is completely overwhelming me and causing all sorts of breakdowns.

The past few weeks I have been swamped with midterms, quizzes, and presentations, and have all sorts of reading to keep up with on top of that. Add my 20 hours of week a work (another place where I bust my butt to get things done because that's the kind of employee I am), and I have to use every second of my time wisely in order to stay on top of anything, which results in an extremely routine day that leaves me exhausted and worn out in all sorts of ways.

This leaves a stressed-out shell of a girl who is prone to breaking down at any sign of something going completely against my plan.

Take for instance my advising appointments on Monday that left me in tears - long story short, my regular advisor wasn't there so I met with someone else who proceeded to freak me out about my future and even my hopes of graduating this term (that deserves its own post, so stay tuned), and I left the office in a state of tears.

After that crying outburst I went and met with another advisor for my minor and was told that my credits from Spain couldn't be applied how I wanted them to be unless I showed proof of the work I did over there...which would be extremely difficult because the only proof I have left from taking the classes are my grades in them, as the notes and tests were recycled in Santander.

This, obviously, resulted in more tears. Because I rarely cry, and never cry over "stupid stuff" such as what I was crying about, this made me more upset and cry even was rough.

I told all of this to my friend and my head started to spin again, like it always does when I'm getting too worked up about something that I can't immediately or easily fix.

After all of this he told me he was going to Central Oregon this weekend and would be willing to give me a ride to Bend to see my boyfriend after work on Saturday.

And so, the best day ever began.

I went to work, happily informing my boyfriend that he'd be graced by my presence (ha!) this weekend. The rest of the evening followed my usual routine of going to the gym and finishing homework, this time a little more stressed out than normal because I got home later than usual...I was just entering panic mode when I received a phone call from my friend from Spanish class telling me that she had just received an e-mail about class being cancelled tomorrow.

And the best day ever continued.

And now here I am, avoiding any studying (justified because normally I'd be in class right now, so this time isn't time I would spend studying anyway) and enjoying some therapeutic writing. I have work in a few hours, followed by two classes, then hopefully a somewhat relaxing evening because nothing is due tomorrow...this week is definitely on the upswing.

And who knows? Maybe today will be another "best day ever"! It's already moving in that direction :)

Happy Thursday!

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