Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to pack for a week in California

How to pack for a week in California, Abigail-style (I am a notorious over-packer):

Step 1. Find every summery article of clothing I own (shorts, tank tops, dresses, etc.).

Step 2. Throw said items of clothing on my bed to sort through because it would be crazy to bring everything.

Step 3. Try on different outfits with all the aforementioned articles of clothing in order to ensure that I won't look like a fool in California, and to ensure that I won't over-pack.

Step 4. Decide I look awesome in all of my 7 million outfits, and decide to skip step two (in which I would weed out some outfits).

Step 5. Put all of my clothes in a suitcase I have nick-named "Gigantor" and feel accomplished before realizing that I have not packed shoes or toiletries yet.

Step 6. Curse my unpredictable hair and the fact that I'll have to take up precious space with my hair dryer and straightener.

Step 7. Curse the fact that I have feet and need to pack several pairs of shoes.

Step 8. Attempt the weeding out process again.

Step 9. Feel very accomplished for removing two skirts from my suitcase.

Step 10. Go to bed, feeling ready to leave tomorrow for grandma's.

Step 11. Wake up and realize that there's a huge pile of "Things I'm using today but need to pack for California" on a table in my room.

Step 12. Attempt the weeding out process again.

Step 13. Fail miserably at weeding out, and actually add more clothes.

Step 14. Weigh Gigantor. Breathe a huge sigh of relief when it's only 40 pounds.

Step 15. Pack a mini suitcase for my mom to drive down to California on Wednesday.

And now, I'm ready for California. Two days and 41 minutes until take off!

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