Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the mcbride clan

I honestly think I have the best family in the world. Obviously I'm biased, but I really don't think you can beat the McBride clan.

Last night I got back from a week-long trip to Manhattan Beach for my uncle's wedding. It was a fantastic week filled with family, lazy days and nights on the beach, and plenty of wedding festivities.

Even though I'm home now, I'm feeling extremely homesick. After spending every waking (and sleeping) moment with my cousins and aunts and uncles, I feel incredibly lonely being home with only my younger sister and brother for company right now.

The McBride family is loud. We're opinionated. We're messy, we're ridiculous, we laugh at inappropriate moments, we interrupt and talk over each other, we make fun of each other...but there is so much love in this family.

We look out for each other. Whether it's keeping an eye on your younger cousin who got drunk for the first time, or giving the cute boy your cousin/niece/sister has been eyeing the stink-eye whenever he comes in a 5-foot radius of her, someone has your back. Sometimes it's obnoxious, but mostly it's a very sweet gesture.

We take care of each other. We make each other lunch. We clean the kitchen together. We help slather on sunscreen in those hard-to-reach places. We help slather on aloe when those hard-to-reach places get missed. We share clothes. We make sure everyone has what they need out of the bathroom before we go take a shower. We see if anyone wants to go running with us (usually not). We see if anyone wants to go grab food with us (always yes).

We take too many pictures together. We laugh until we're crying and our abs hurt. We yell things like "cousin touch". We call our new aunt "auntie" specifically because she said she didn't want us to. We get locked in bathrooms. We compete to be our grandma's favorite. We reminisce about "that one time..." We eat. We drink. We make merry. We're probably one of the happiest families you'll ever meet.

We love each other. We may give each other a hard time (I was the butt of far too many jokes this week), but there is so much love. So much love.

It is so great when the whole family can just exist together for a week, with nothing keeping us from spending all our time together. It was a fantastic week, and I am already looking forward to the next time we can all be together again...

Here's me and two of my sibbos with some of our cousins:

missing my family,

♥ abigail

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