Sunday, August 1, 2010

the ultimate happy list

For the past few weeks, I have been in a fantastic mood. We're talking insanely happy, almost all of the time. There are very few things that would upset me right now, and that's exactly the way I like to live.

I really believe that our own happiness is up to us. I don't think that there's anything wrong with being sad, or even with getting sad and hanging out there for a while...sometimes it's nice to sit in your dark room with your journal and sad music, just emoting. T
here comes a time when it gets to be enough. When you have to snap out of it, pick yourself up on the floor, move on, and get going again.

As a naturally perky, bubbly, happy person, picking myself up off the floor is usually an easy task. Simple things make me incredibly happy...and here is a list of 100 of them...the ultimate happy list!

1. Waking up in the morning and not feeling tired.
2. Going to bed knowing that I'm 100% prepared for the next day.
3. Reading books I've never read before.
4. Reading books I have read before.
5. The beach at night.
6. The beach during the day.
7. The beach when it rains.
8. The beach, 100% of the time.
9. Sunshine.
10. Lilies.
11. Baking.
12. Writing.
13. Organizing.
14. Buying people presents.
15. Putting together a really fabulous outfit.
16. Rocking said outfit.
17. Acing tests.
18. Feeling confident.
19. Curly hair.
20. Blue eyes.
21. Green eyes.
22. Good-hearted people.
23. Daisies.
24. Meg Ryan movies.
25. Tom Hanks' voice.
26. Andy Warhol's art.
27. Flower-printed clothes.
29. Dresses.
30. Floppy sunhats.
31. Days off school.
32. Dessert.
33. Chocolate.
34. Being with people I love.
35. Swimsuits.
36. Stilettos.
37. Cookie dough.
40. Sunglasses.
41. Oversized bags.
42. Hope in a Jar.
43. Trashy reality TV shows.
44. New music.
45. Musicals.
46. Laughing.
47. Shooting stars.
48. My grandma's Seaside house.
50. Waking up to text messages.
51. Babies.
52. Nail polish.
53. Pad Thai.
54. Taking obscene amounts of pictures with my sisters and cousins.
55. Family stories that get told again and again.
56. Laughing until I cry.
57. Libraries.
58. Long walks without destinations.
59. Being on the beach at sunrise.
60. New shampoo.
61. Reruns of shows from my childhood.
62. Concerts.
63. My siblings.
64. Family.
65. Making lists.
66. New school supplies.
67. Finding the perfect song to fit my mood.
68. Skype sessions.
69. Making other people happy.
70. Baseball games.
71. Fireflies.
72. Writing letters.
73. Snail mail.
74. Weddings.
75. Non-fat iced chai tea lattes from Starbucks.
76. Buying shoes in the kids' section.
77. Clean sheets.
78. The smell of SJP NYC perfume.
79. Browsing the make up at Sephora.
80. The ridiculous conversations I have with my sisters that no one else can follow.
81. Crossword puzzles.
82. Naps.
83. Crisp fall weather.
84. Catching up with old friends.
85. Feeling like I'm right where I need to be.
86. Summer nights.
87. Daisies.
88. Road trips.
89. Otter pops.
90. Old family photos.
91. Good dreams.
92. Being with people who understand me.
93. The first day of school.
94. Finding bargains.
95. Lazy rainy days.
96. Warm blankets.
97. Not having homework.
98. Random acts of kindness.
99. Not having anything to do.
100. Having lots of things to do.

According to this list, I should be happy pretty much all of the time...and I am!

Happy happy happy,
♥ abigail

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