Friday, July 9, 2010

poor, neglected little blog

Story of my blog's life, right? For some reason, when I was in school and had absolutely no spare time to devote to blogging, I managed to post several times a week...and here I am in the summer, with nothing but spare time, unable to find the inspiration to sit down and write a post.

I have nothing profound to say, but I think I'll start by updating you on my life...although there aren't a lot of profound things to say about babysitting and reading and watching The Bachelorette with friends. But hey, it's what I've been up to!

In the past few weeks, I have been nannying for a few families, which I have been loving. Kids are so honest - I love it! They say what they think with no added fluff, no spinning to make it sound like anything that it's not.

They also say the darndest things - the 10-year-old girl I babysit every Tuesday (along with her nine-year-old sister and 12-year-old brothers) night noticed me texting the other day while we were baking cookies. She knew I was texting a boy (we have girl talk every time I babysit, so she knows what's going on in my life), and she said to me,
"He likes you."

I smiled and laughed, then asked her why she thought that.

Without missing a beat, this sweet little girl said (with a very matter-of-fact air about her), "Abbie, I think all the boys should like you."

I smiled and laughed again, told her that was very sweet, but that they definitely should not.

She insisted though, telling me "But you're so pretty, and you're nice, and you don't gossip, and they should just all like you!"

I thanked her. Despite the fact that it's not true (we all grow up and learn that being pretty and nice and not gossiping aren't the only things that matter in relationships, although being nice and not gossiping are pluses), it was very sweet of her to say, and it really made my night.

So there's one reason I love babysitting. I also just love playing with the kids - it had been years since I set up a pretend plane constructed of chairs in the driveways for a pretend flight to Maui, but that's what I did on Monday with the kids I was watching. (The flight was a little bumpy, if you were wondering - the captain kept abandoning us to ride his bike.)

I've been spending a lot of time with friends this summer, something I didn't get to do last summer. We get together for silly things like watching The Bachelorette (we are pulling for Roberto and Kirk), we wander aimlessly through parks, we sit in backyards and talk about life and what we hope ours will one day be like while listening to the sounds of summer nights.

(Note to self: Write a post about why summer nights are the best things in the whole wide world.)

It's been nice to catch up with old friends (friends I've known since I was six). There's something so comfortable about being around people who know everything about's like you don't have to explain yourself, everything is just known and, "I'm hanging out with Abbie. She freaks out if her bangs fall in her face, and her nose gets itchy when she's frustrated. Whatever."

I love that they know that, accept it, and run with it.

Sometimes people know things and don't accept them, and then they can't run with them...that's when things get messy.

But I digress...there's another post for another time in there!

Tonight my friends and I are going to "Movies Under the Stars." A neighborhood ("village" actually) hosts it every few weeks in the summer - they shut down a street and set up a huge screen and speakers and everyone brings chairs and watches the movie (this week is Back To the Future, last time's was Footloose, which I was shocked to learn that so many of my friends hadn't seen) under the stars (hence the name).

Tomorrow I'm going to a wedding (the second of the summer) roommate from freshman year is getting married, and I'm very excited for her and her fiancee. I love weddings - so much fun and so much love! This wedding will be especially fun since it will be like a house reunion of our co-op from our first year at Oregon State.

After the wedding I head to my grandma's house in Beaverton, where I will hang out for the day before flying out of PDX to LAX on Monday morning. My uncle is getting married next Saturday, and my grandma rented a house in Manhattan Beach for the whole family to stay before the big day. I am so ready for a week of California beaches and relaxation!

Hopefully the weather there will be nice than it is here...remember how much I wanted sunshine? Well, I got it...96 degrees two days in a row (probably three, if you count today) is a little more than I bargained for. I've been trying to stay cool (my house and my car both lack air conditioning), and have been doing pretty well by camping out in bookstores and at pools with the kids I watch.

Today is a big day of laundry and packing and getting everything in order for leaving tomorrow for over a week. I don't normally mind packing (unpacking is a completely different story though), but I've been doing too much of it for my liking this week.

On Wednesday evening, my mom and I drove up to Corvallis to move stuff from my apartment (remember the pit?) into my new bedroom is teeny tiny, but it has character and charm and WINDOWS. As in TWO. And it was brighter than my room at the apartment ever was, even with the sun on the other side of the house and the light off. I am so ecstatic that I don't even care that my closet is barely big enough for less than half of my clothes, and that my room is the size of a shoebox.

Seriously, try to make me see the bad in this situation. I'll just keep seeing sunshine and old-fashioned doorknobs and crown molding and my claw-foot tub. And sunshine and natural light...and did I mention the sunshine?


So that is what I've been up to for the past few weeks...the cliffnotes version anyway. Here's a quick list to recap (plus to add things that I don't really feel the need to write paragraphs about at the moment):

1. Weddings.
2. Babysitting.
3. Baking (I baked these three times, and these ones. The white chocolate macadamia nut cookies earned me two marriage proposals. I also baked a delicious coconut cream cake. Yum!).
4. Reading (I've read several books, including Water For Elephants and Loving Frank. I really enjoyed both of them. I'm currently reading The Boleyn Inheritance and have started both Anna Karenina and Atlas Shrugged).
5. Texting (a lot).
6. Cleaning (just when I think my room is clean, I bring home another load of junk that has to get put away).
7. Enjoying the sunshine (my good ol' Hawaiian skin has turned a nice shade of tan, despite my continual use of SPF 45).
8. Running (two or three miles a day, depending on how ambitious I'm feeling).
9. Enjoying myself!

I'll try to stay more on top of this whole blogging thing...I forgot how much I enjoy it!

Loving the sunshine,
♥ abigail

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  1. For someone with writer's block, you did a great job. I love this post. I, too, love making airplanes out of chairs and tents out of blankets... I miss those days... The Offspring is too old for those games...

    Have fun in CA! Don't forget the sunscreen. ;)