Saturday, May 29, 2010

a happy post

As you all know by now, I think and write and live and breathe and exist in lists. Love them. Need them. Can't live without them.

So here is another list for you...a happy list :)

Why I'm happy right now...

1. I made not one, but two batches of delicious cookies tonight. I've been itching to bake all weekend, and today when I reached a stopping point in my homework, I decided it was time to make something delicious. Especially after last weekend's alfajores fiasco (I was making these traditional Argentinean cookies for my Spanish class, and they turned out how they were supposed to, but were far too cornstarch-y for my liking. My poor family was left with the remnants...don't worry, my Spanish class got a less traditional, far more delicious version made with these cookies plus homemade dulce de leche. Yum!). Anyway, after that I decided I should make something more edible. I made these and these tonight - both turned out well and were extremely delicious. My growing-like-a-weed little brother ate half of the thumbprint cookies already. And the chocolate chip cookies are delicious - big and chewy...the best kind of cookie.

2. It's Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family. Remember how I said I wanted to watch all of the movies since I just finished all of the books again? Well, this weekend, they've been showing all of the movies...I watched all of them over the course of last week (I watched numbers 1&2 on Friday, number 3 on Saturday, numbers 4&5 on Sunday, and number 6 on Monday. I have no life.), but I see that as no reason as to not watch them again. See? No life! Don't worry, I just watch bits and pieces while doing homework. I'm an excellent multi-tasker.

3. I was actually productive with my homework today. I have a decent amount of it. I haven't finished any particular assignment, but I have started and gotten a great deal of it finished. I am just annoyed by the fact that I can't cross anything off my to-do list because none of it is actually completed. Oh well, progress is progress!

4. I got 10.5 hours of sleep last night. I know that's not the best for my sleep schedule...but I was so tired due to my four hours of sleep on Thursday night, that I went to bed at 11:45 (fell asleep right away) and slept soundly until 10:15. That is the best kind of sleep. As a person with a history of insomnia, I truly appreciate the gift it is to fall asleep quickly and sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed. Bliss!

5. My nails are painted a lovely shade of Chanel's Ballerina Pink. I'm not one to splurge quite that much on my nail polish (I'm an O.P.I. kind of girl, and even that is a splurge for my college-student budget), but my younger sister bought it last year in exchange for getting her make-up done at some chi-chi make-up counter, so I decided to test it out. It's very, very can barely tell it's there, which is ideal for me, the girl who has to take all the polish off once I notice the tiniest of chips in the lacquer.

6. I'm almost finished with my sophomore year of college. This week is "dead" week (which is such an inappropriate term considering the week is completely alive and filled of homework and projects and the only thing that resembles death are us poor students) and next week is finals week, then it's time to go home for the summer.

7. My birthday is coming up. Less than two weeks now (June 11). Not gonna lie - I'm such a birthday diva. I'm better than I used to be, but I still feel like the day needs to be all about me. What can I say? I'm a middle child! Some of my favorite stores have also recognized the importance (ha!) of my birthday. Good ol' Sephora sent me a coupon remind me to pick up my free birthday gift for being a Beauty Insider (in 6-7 days I will be receiving an eye kit containing liner, shadow, and mascara. Yay!). And one of my favorite stores, American Eagle sent me my 20% coupon to use during my birth month. Advertising tricks totally work on me.

8. I was just hit with a wave of sleepiness and I don't have to put off going to bed. I love that about the need to stay up all night to do homework. College...who needs it?! Kidding. Mostly.

And with that, good night!

♥ abigail

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