Thursday, May 20, 2010

midnight musings

My mind is running wild right now, so I thought writing down my thoughts might help me calm down and get to sleep - which is much needed since I have a busy day ahead of me, beginning with getting up at 6:55 a.m. (that's early, okay?) to register for classes.

Without further ado, here are the things that are on my mind at this very moment...

1. The Harry Potter series might be the best book series in existence. I've read them all before, some multiple times (just not as much as my HP-obsessed sister, Kendall. Seriously, she cried when she got the seventh book. Not read it, not opened it...just held it and BOOM: waterworks), but I just finished reading the entire series consecutively. When I first started reading this books this wasn't possible, and once it was possible I suppose I just wasn't interested enough.

I just finished the seventh book (which is impressive considering I started it yesterday. And impressive considering I started the sixth book on Sunday, and haven't really had time to read it since I've been in school and at work and whatnot), and all I can say is that it was beautiful.

Obviously I can say more than that - it's me we're talking about, isn't it? But really, it was so beautiful. I'd read it four times previously, so I knew what was going to happen, but I honestly could not put it down.

Did I say put it down? I mean "quit" it. I finished the sixth book sooner than I had anticipated and was left stranded at school without my copy of the seventh book. Thanks to Google magic, I found a PDF version that allowed me to enter full Harry Potter bliss.

I laughed, I cried (really), I rediscovered my favorite quotes, one of them being said by the wise Kingsley:

"Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving."

Goodness gracious, J.K. Rowling really knows how to speak to a girls soul.

What about Dumbledore's words of wisdom (always my favorite parts of the books):

"Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and above all, those who live without love."

J.K. Rowling may as well have stabbed me with a basilisk fang. That line gets me every time. Without fail. Whenever I read it, I want to write it down and put it on my quote board before I realize that it's already there. Twice.


I started this post saying I was going to make a list of what was going on in my mind, but apparently all other thoughts left it in order to let me release my pent-up love for my favorite book series...

Just so you don't think I'm completely off my rocker for loving books that some consider to be ridiculous, I'll leave you with a few of my other favorites...just to prove I'm normal.

1. A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving.
Love love love. I had to read it in high school, and ended up falling in love with sweet little Owen Meany. I fell in love with Holden Caulfied too when I read The Catcher In the Rye, so I don't really know what that says about me. I tend to fall in love with book characters, as demonstrated in...

2. Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.
Rhett Butler, anyone? Oh boy, I was a goner once I met him. I just love the story. Love it. Love Scarlett. Am naming my first daughter after her (only if it goes with my husband's last name. There might be a screening process before I start dating anyone, just to make sure their name goes with it. You laugh, but I'm serious. No, really. I am). She's conniving and deceitful and smart and cunning and wonderful. And I love Rhett. So there.

3. The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.
Upon reading this book, I thought it should be a movie. The movie was decent, but books-turned-movies never live up to the original...I have learned to deal with the disappointment. This book is fabulous though. I didn't fall in love with anyone in it though. Which might surprise you.

So, as you can see, despite my love of Harry Potter, I can appreciate other books too.

Next mission: I plan to watch all the Harry Potter movies (I've only seen the first three). Obviously I can't watch all of them, but you know what I mean.

I really need to get a life.

♥ abigail

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  1. I love the Harry Potter series. Thought they were the bestest, then I fell in love with the Twilight series - the romance...

    I have listened (don't like to read, but LOVE audiobooks) to all of the HP books many times. Plan on listening to all again [and again].

    The seventh HP book was my favorite, but hate what happens to some of the characters, but I loved that Dumbledore quote, too.

    I cried during the 6th and 7th books... I'm glad we found out the truth in the 7th book... I felt better!

    (sorry for being cryptic, but just in case someone whose not read them is reading this... )