Tuesday, June 15, 2010

productivity and peach crumb bars

Today, I felt like getting things done.

For the past few days I've been feeling sluggish due to a sudden onslaught of summertime allergies (the pollen count here has been about four times the average summer amount). Last night I decided that no matter how I felt when I woke up, I would be productive today.

Good thing I stick to my promises I make myself, because today I am feeling just as miserable as I have since Saturday.

Despite my cough and difficult time with breathing, I started the day off with a 2.5 mile run along the river.

After my run, I went to Borders to browse books for an hour before the shoe store opened and I could return a pair. (Did I mention that I went running at 8:30? I was feeling a little too ambitious, if you ask me.)

After the store opened, I returned the shoes, the continued my productivity: I went to a used bookstore to pick up some summer reading (Anna Karenina and Atlas Shrugged, here I come!), found and purchased dress tape to modify a dress for my cousin's wedding this weekend, found birthday cards for two of my best friends who turn 20 this week, unpacked what I brought home from my apartment yesterday, cleaned the house for my mom, picked up my little brother from school, made dinner and dessert, and now here I sit, unproductive (depends on who you ask though - I find Law and Order: SVU marathons to be a good use of time).

But let's backtrack to dinner. I was browsing Brown Eyed Baker's website this afternoon, and the post I found was for 36 summer recipes. I made two of these recipes this evening: the Italian Chicken Sandwich and the Peach Crumb Bars.

I can't vouch for them too well, considering my nose is so plugged that I can't taste a darn thing, but my family tells me that both recipes were delicious. I modified the sandwich slightly because I didn't have any celery (or crunchy vegetables, so I used lettuce), asiago cheese (I used parmesan), or Worcestershire sauce (I just skipped it). I didn't modify the crumb bars, but if I could taste, I might go for a little more nutmeg.

I wish I could tell you how delicious and fabulous it was. I really do. It sure looked pretty. Hopefully the leftovers will last long enough for me to be able to taste for myself!

In completely unrelated news, I got Spring Term grades back today - four As and one A-, which equates to a 3.94. Pretty good for the end of the sophomore slump!

♥ abigail

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  1. Congrats on getting up and going this morning.

    What a really small world! I too can find SVU marathons really good for passing the time!

    Congrats on the grades! I bet you're relieved. Are you taking classes this summer, too?

    Hope you get to feeling better - I know what you mean there. I wasn't sure if I was coming down with something due to my insane work hours for the previous 3.5 weeks or allergies. I think a little of both.

    Take care!