Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i love my life

Today, I feel lazy.

I don't have class until 2:00. 2:00! If I had it my way, I would be completely finished with classes by 2:00.

I suppose I could change around my schedule, but I basically formatted my entire schedule around my 2:00 class, Spanish 311.

Spanish 311 is getting into the nitty-gritty grammar of Spanish, which is kind of disconcerting to me...this means there's no excuse for little goof-ups in compositions anymore! And the book has no information on culture. And it doesn't have any pictures.

So we'll see how that goes.

I took this class at this specific time because I love the professor. I had him for the entire 200 series of Spanish, and I found that his teaching style and my learning style were very compatible. I love when professors want you to learn rather than just absorb and regurgitate information for tests.

Because of this professor, my entire schedule is all sorts of crazy.

I have class at 2:00-2:50, 3:00-4:15, and 6:00-8:50 on Mondays. Not so thrilled about the late class, time-wise, but the class will be fabulous and probably result in many a deep-thinking blog post.

On Tuesdays, I have class at 8:30-9:50, work from 10:00-11:40, class from 12:00-1:20, then 2:00-3:20. This is a long day, and a very boring one. Good thing it ends with Glee, otherwise I might be going crazy at the end of it.

On Wednesdays, my day is supposed to start with class from 11:00-12:30, then 2:00-2:50, then 3:00-4:15. Today there was no lab at 11:00, so I slept in until 10:00. Not because I'm lazy...I've had a cold for a while and it's still working its way out of my system. I got up and did homework before taking a nap, and now I'm waiting class-time so I can do something productive with my life!

On Thursdays, my schedule is the same as Tuesdays except for no office hours. It will still be a boring day, one that doesn't end with Glee or any other TV show now that I've decided Grey's Anatomy is stupid.

On Friday, I have work from 11:30-1:30, then class from 2:00-2:50.

Oh, the life of a college student.

Throw in a lot of naps, gym time every day, too many trips to the grocery store, many a-PB&J, studying, and lots of laughter with the roommates, and you have my life.

I love my life.

♥ abigail

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