Wednesday, November 17, 2010

busy busy busy

I've been a very busy girl these days!

Last weekend my dad and my uncle joined my sister and I here at OSU for Dad's Weekend, which turned out to be a great time for all sorts of reasons. I worked a lot, but my family was able to tag along, which made it far more bearable.

This week I've been busy staying on top of homework and midterms (don't get me started on my stance on having midterms during week eight...hello, the MIDDLE of the term is long gone by now!)...I'm anxious for this term to just be over already!

I've also been doing a whole lot of smiling for several different reasons...I'll give you one right now:

Say hello to Santander, Spain...also known as my home for spring term! I am going to be studying abroad from March 28 to June 2, and I am so excited, it's ridiculous!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

♥ abigail

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