Wednesday, November 3, 2010

my happy place

While I'm not easily rattled, and while it takes quite a bit to ruffle my feathers, I have my moments where I can be extremely irritable.

I chalk it up to being female, and figure my mood swings will pass in a day or two, and I can get on with being my usual, cheery self.

Sometimes though, when I'm trapped in these funks I find myself getting even more irritated by the fact that I'm irritated...and that just causes more irritation. It's a vicious cycle.

But then there are days like today...days when I'm irritated at lots of different things for lots of different reasons (sometimes justifiable, oftentimes just me being ridiculous by holding everyone to my extremely-high standards), but I can't stay cranky for long.

Because the sun is out...because the air is crisp...because the sky is almost blindingly blue. And I can't stay upset for long when all of that is happening at the same time.

Throw in some gorgeous trees whose leaves are those fantastically beautiful shades of deep orange, pinky-red, and dark yellow, and you really can't make me mad to save your life.

So on days like today, I'm so grateful for the weather being around to drag me out of my yuck and get me here, to this place where happiness is the only exceptions!

What never fails to drag you out of a funk?

♥ abigail


  1. Girl I could not have said this better! The weather definately helps or hurts my mood... It is sunny here today, too which helps! Some things that drag me out of the funk I get into is my cute little family, starbucks tall non fat white choc mocha no whip-no foam, a clean house... oh the list could go on! Hope that your Wednesday is awesome!!!

  2. A great sunset, a great sunRISE(haha) a stunning cityscape, fantastic countryside, a cute girl... pretty much anything that gets me to think about all the beautiful things I'm surrounded by in this world!