Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween weekend

Once upon a time weekend were for relaxing...they did exactly what their name suggested: provided an end to the week. An end to being busy, an end to work, and end to stressing over school. Somewhere along the way, this idea got lost - weekends became a waste of time. Why waste two days on doing nothing? Why don't we cram them as full as we can withstuff so that not a second will be spared?

Whoever decided that weekends should be an extension of the regular week is totally on my bad list right now.

Don't get me wrong - my weekend wasn't terrible. It was just far too full to provide me with anything resembling relaxation.

On Friday I finished classes, hit the gym, then worked at the volleyball game, then went to a mugger dressed as Queen Frostine...remember?

At the volleyball game I ran into an old family friend and her family. I hadn't seen her or her husband in six years, and they were sitting right behind my spot at the scorer's table; it was such a coincidence! So much has changed since I'd seen her last - I was 14 then, and her daughter was 6 months old, and her son hadn't even been born yet - so it was good to catch up.

She used to babysit me when I was little, and her mom was good friends with my parents and used to take my sibling's and I for the weekend so my parents could enjoy some kid-free time. She told me that her husband was playing rugby on Saturday morning and that I should come and watch...

So on Saturday, I got up and got ready for work and for rugby, and headed out in the rain to take in the action. It was good to get to talk to her more (rather than the sporadic one minute 15 second timeouts I had to talk to her during on Friday), and I hope that it's not another six years until I see her again!

I worked at the football game, then headed home for some homework before heading out with my roommates for a little Halloween shindig we were invited to (we went dressed as cowgirls, a cop-out of a costume. We're planning next year's costumes now to avoid copping out again!). The entire time we were there I was giving them a running countdown of how many hours until I had to get up...let me tell you, as the numbers got smaller and smaller, I started really dreading Sunday morning.

Sunday morning found me rising after 2.5 hours of sleep at 5:30 a.m. to head to Portland to watch the Oregon State crew teams at the Portland Fall Classic. Despite the early morning, I managed to make it through and actually enjoy the event - it was an incredibly beautiful day.

Right after I got home I headed to the volleyball game (this time to watch, not work, which was a welcome change...I actually got to cheer!). I then went home and did homework, hit the gym, came home to do more homework and watch Harry Potter with my was then, at 9:13 p.m. that I conked out on the living room floor, Spanish notes acting as a pillow.

I woke up about an hour later and went to bed, and finally got some much-needed sleep.

As you can see, my weekend was busy and full. While it wasn't all terrible, I miss being able to not do anything on weekends...weeks and weekends seem to run together, the only difference between the two being that I don't have class on the weekends...this week is already looking a little calmer than last week, so I hope this non-stressed out feeling lasts me a couple days at least!

♥ abigail

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