Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Ever have one of those days where you feel like you're "go-go-go!" all day long and still haven't accomplished everything on your to-do list?

Today I feel like I've been doing so much, yet haven't been productive at all...a terrible feeling, especially for someone like me who loves to cross things off lists to make me feel like everything I've been doing is worth my time.

Today started with my workout class, followed by work. At work I hoped to get in a little homework (I have a daunting assignment due tomorrow evening)...but today I was asked to offer a little insight on rowing (ha!) to the intern who will take over for me when I'm in Spain (eek!), then I did my normal transcription of the basketball press conference, then interviewed the rowing coach, then scanned some photos that were requested of us...I had a few minutes to get started on my rowing story then was out the door and onto my next task: the gym.

Thanks to my new Kindle (which I will have to tell you about later, I swear I should be paid to advertise the Kindle with how much I've talked it up to everyone I know in the 24 hours that I've owned in), I was able to get an hour of cardio in today (Redeeming Love holds my attention so well...accompanied by the fact that I didn't have to awkwardly turn the page while on the elliptical, and could increase the size to easily read while moving...but I said I'm ramble about that later. And I will. One of these days).

Sorry about the lengthy parentheses in that previous paragraph. The bare bones of it was this: Thanks to my new Kindle, I was able to get an hour of cardio in today.


I raced home for lunch then began to work on my assignments due tomorrow.

I finished a Spanish paper, struggled over a story and 15 deep, insightful questions until it was time to go to my sister's (every Tuesday night my boyfriend and I make dinner with her and her fiancé. Such a fun tradition!). After dinner, I came back home and have been working on homework ever since.

I'm currently struggling over an assignment for my copyediting class, but still have a lot of studying and prep for an in-class essay to do before tomorrow.

And here I am, blogging. Why? I suppose I just needed an outlet. I feel like nothing off my list has been checked off today, but I've been working my butt off all day.

All that's getting me through right now is knowing that I'll somehow manage to get it all finished, and that in a week (or even a day or two) I'll realize that all of this wasn't even worth stressing over.

But until then, I'll sit here, frantically working into the night, until I feel accomplished enough to go to bed. I have a feeling 2:00 a.m. and I will meet (for the first time this term) tonight...

♥ abigail


  1. I know how you feel all to well! But I know you and I am sure that you will get everything finished in normal Abigail fashion :)

  2. Sorry I've been gone from reading/commenting...

    You're going to Spain? That sounds really exciting. I need to get caught up on your posts.

    Your post reminds me of The Offspring over the last few days. She had a paper for her AP English class... struggled with writing it and in the end I was amazed at just how good a writer she is.

    Stef at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime.com