Saturday, April 17, 2010

and so it begins...

Good evening readers!

I am Abigail. I'm nineteen and am constantly running my mouth about who knows what.

I figure I should put my love of words to good use somewhere I figured that I would pour them into a blog. This could end up biting the dust within the week, but it could end up somewhere why not try?

I don't know exactly what direction I want this blog to take (you'll come to learn that that's how my mind works - it wanders every which way before settling on a train of thought. You'll also learn that I write how I speak and tend to use ellipses too much. Just so you know. But I digress...oops, there I go again!), but I figure if I start writing I might find out. I am always blathering on about something. As you can see.

So anyway, here it is...a blog about who knows what - probably life and love and everything in between!


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