Wednesday, April 28, 2010

best. night. ever.

Remember how I said that when I met The Pioneer Woman it was the greatest night of my life?

Well, scratch that.

Last night was the actual greatest night of my life.

I met this guy:

This, my friends, is Tyler Hilton. (Don't know who that is? Check out his website here.)

He is a fabulous singer/songwriter who stole my heart and took over my iTunes about five years ago. Ever since then I've been obsessed with his music - this includes going back and buying his first album and his EPs to complete my collection.

I saw him in concert in Portland last year when he was the headliner on a tour. He was fabulous.

Last night he was one of three opening acts for The Spill Canvas (a band that is good, but not my favorite type of music).

Being one of three opening acts meant that he had about 30 minutes of stage time (which was completely worth it though). It also meant that he was definitely the odd one out of all the bands there, but that just made me appreciate his five song set all the more.

His next CD has been about three years in the making, and I am beyond stoked for its release (date TBA - I'll keep you posted, I'm sure).

So do yourself a favor and go listen to some Tyler Hilton (you can do that right here if you really want to, I have a few of his songs on my playlist). His voice is the perfect combination of pure and raspy, and it (along with his amazing lyrics) will melt your heart.

♥ abigail

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