Thursday, April 29, 2010

happy list

Today was not exactly a happy day. It began with my waking up at 5:34 a.m. to realize that my fever had not gone away.


I had been in bed since 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday - after struggling through morning classes and work I came home and I took a long nap, did some homework, then tossed and turned miserably until I drifted into a restless sleep around midnight. I wasn't extremely sick - just a fever and a sore throat - but it was enough to make me feel miserable.

I was hoping that the fever would be gone by this morning so I could go on with classes and life as usual. Instead, I stayed in bed until 1:00 p.m. (missing two classes in the process) and dragged myself out only to go to a class in which I had an assignment due.

After class I was feeling weak (it was 3:30 and all I had eaten was a piece of toast and an apple) and sleepy. I came home and decided to try to get through the rest of the day as normally as possible. I cleaned my room, showered, ate dinner, watched a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, cleaned the bathroom...and here I am now.

My day wasn't completely horrible, but I could use another happy list. This one is inspired by the song "Our Song" by The Spill Canvas. I fell in love with it at the concert on Tuesday and just downloaded it about a half hour ago. I immediately put it on repeat because after giving it another listen before buying it on iTunes, I was in an instantly better mood. Some songs can just do that to me.

So, without further ado, today's happy list...

1. "Our Song" by The Spill Canvas. It really is just a happy song. I'd give you the lyrics, but they don't seem that happy - you really have to listen to it. You can do that here. I love how happy it sounds, as well as the fact it acknowledges all love stories aren't like the romances we see in movies. It's refreshing.

2. A clean bathroom. I cleaned ours tonight (including the tub, my least favorite chore ever) and just felt good about it. I actually wanted to clean more when I was finished, and even texted someone to ask if I could go to their place and clean their bathroom. Not gonna lie, I'm a little disappointed I haven't gotten a text back. (And if you were wondering, I didn't lead with "Hey can I come clean your bathroom?" That would obviously make me sound crazy. I texted "Hey, whatcha up to?" so as to appear like a normal person who doesn't search for bathroom's to clean.)

3. "Our Song" by The Spill Canvas. I know I already said that. But please listen to it? It just started up again and it makes me so happy. So happy.

4. SJP NYC perfume. I bought mine two months ago and I still am obsessed with it. It is the perfect combination of who-knows-what scents (apparently mandarin and strawberries are involved) that makes the best smell ever. Ever. But don't copy my perfume choice - that'd be annoying. Especially since I discovered it at the end of last year in an issue of Cosmo and had to wait until March to buy it. I didn't know people got excited for perfume release dates (heck, I didn't even know there were anticipated "release dates"). Turns out, there are. And I was excited.

5. People texting me back and wanting me to clean their bathroom. And they didn't even think I was crazy. They said (and I quote) "Well I have one that could use the Abigail touch". So there.

6. A clean room. I was sick last night, so I went to bed with a messy room. I don't remember the last time that happened - maybe that was the real source of the tossing and turning last night? It was quite a relief getting it cleaned up this afternoon. Is there anything more beautiful than a made bed? (Yes, obviously. But not right now.)

7. Tomorrow is Friday. That not only means the weekend, but Mom's Weekend. This means I'll get lots of momma one-on-one time (something that is exciting for us middle children), as well as momma and older sister time. It also means dinner out, Saturday market, and a movie. Plus other stuff. Let's cross our fingers for sun!

8. My Green Tea Chamomile scented candle. I can't explain how wonderful it smells. Sometimes I open the jar just to smell it. I've never burned a candle so much in my life. I have to pace myself because I don't want to run out before I find another one (which has proven itself to be very difficult).

9. My photo is in Tyler Hilton's facebook album. So are other fans'...but I was still excited :)

And thus concludes today's happy list.

♥ abigail

P.S. Please listen to Our Song. Right now. It'll make you smile!

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  1. Hope your fever breaks and you get to feeling better soon! The sun is out (at least north of you). Nice way to end April. :)