Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sometimes, it's just necessary to make lists. Happy lists are the best kind, but there are several types that hang out on the post-it notes that constantly litter my desk. Today, there were a few...

For example, the "things to do today" list:
- Groceries?
- Trabajo Escrito (!!!)
- Quia W p.271-272, L p.293
- COMM outline
- Rowing release
- E-mail Cloud, Roger, Cody, Rob

Or take the "things i'd rather do today" list:
- Nap in sunshine?
- Church
- Sleep
- Nothing!

And here's the "things i actually did today" list:
- Church
- Bible time
- Homework (all of it!)
- Laundry
- Grocery shopping
- Baked banana bread
- Laid in the sunshine
- Wrote rowing release
- E-mailed everyone
- Cleaned my room
- Cleaned the kitchen
- Watched two episodes of Kendra :)

Or the "potential schedule for today" list:
8:00-8:50 - Get ready for church
8:55 - Meet Lindsey at church
9:00-10:15 - Church
10:20 - Home
10:25-12:00 - Laundry/Cleaning
***Grocery store?
12:30-??? - Homework

Or even the "potential schedule for tomorrow" list:
8:00-9:30 - Gym
10:00-10:50 - COMM 111
11:00-11:45 - Work on speech in MU
12:00-1:20 - SPAN 213
1:30-3:30 - Lunch/Shower/Get ready
3:45 - Leave for Beaverton
6:00 - Pioneer Woman book signing!
7:30/8:00? - Drive to Eugene

But my favorite list of today was the "why i am happy today" list (this is a list I intend to document in some way everyday. It may be cheesy, but I think it'll help boost my spirits until they remember how to be boosted without the aid of lists on sticky notes):
1. The sun is up.
2. The sky is blue.
3. It's beautiful, and so are you. (Just kidding about #3...I love song lyrics, okay???)
3. (The real #3) Strawberries + Sour Cream + Brown Sugar
4. Grace City Church (to which I wore a skirt, which makes this a double happy reason)
5. Homemade banana bread
6. Face masks
7. Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Shower Gel/Shampoo/Bubble Bath and Lotion
8. My new old hippie bag (a bag that I've had for years, but just found again)
9. Thanks to the power of YouTube, Tyler Hilton can sing to me whenever I want him to (although I'm looking forward to seeing him for realsies [again] next week)!
10. It's a new week, and I feel prepared to face it - homework is finished, room is clean, and I have lists that plan my entire life

Many people might say (and by 'might say' I mean 'have said') that my incessant need to plan things out so meticulously can be perceived as a negative thing...they could be right, but I am of the firm belief that some people just need lists. I am one of those people. And proud of it, mind you! So until I no longer want or need my lists, I will continue making them, leaving post-it note trails in my wake.

One day, I'll write a post on the sheer satisfaction of crossing things off my really warrants a post all to itself.

♥ abigail

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