Saturday, October 30, 2010

sigh of relief & betsey johnson

Remember the little incident from a few weeks ago? Well this evening was the first home game since that night...I was incredibly nervous for the post-game interview. Like, sweating buckets, almost begged my boss to have someone else do it, ready to nervous laugh at everything, nervous.

It turns out I had no need to be - after the game (another loss, which only added to my nerves) my coworker and I were waiting in the office and he came in, smiled, and said, "You're not gonna laugh tonight, are you Abigail?"

He was clearly joking, so I let out an appropriately timed laugh before apologizing and explaining myself again.

We conducted our interview, he congratulated me on not laughing, gave me a hug and told me it was in the past.

Such a huge sigh of relief...basically made my life...gave me license to enjoy my weekend!

I didn't realize I was so worked up about it, but now that I know I'm officially forgiven, I see that I was still kind of worried about it.

But that's all behind me now, thank goodness!

After the game, one of my roomies from freshman year came over with a potential Halloween costume for me...a fabulous Betsey Johnson confection, I was the perfect Queen Frostine...remember her? From Candyland?

Here's Queen Frostine...

And here is my sweet little old roomie (dressed as a pharmacist) and little ol' me as Queen Frostine:

We headed off to a dance for a few hours before calling it a night so I can get some rest before working tomorrow's football game.

Not that much rest has happened far I've watched two episodes of Gilmore Girls, texted everyone in my phonebook to see if I could get any drunk-o replies (I enjoy getting texts from people not in their right state...cracks me up! Don't worry, I don't use any information I receive via drunk text against anyone...I just giggle and move on with my life), cleaned my room (I can't fall asleep if anything is out of's a problem when I want to sleep, but it's always nice to wake up to), and not taken off the beautiful dress...I can't bring myself too, it's far too pretty and fun and amazing and wonderful! Plus, taking it off means returning it to my friend, which means I won't get to wear it again for a very long time (if ever)...and really, when is Betsey Johnson ever appropriate Oregon attire?

The answer to that question is almost never.

Hope everyone had a lovely Friday and has a great weekend!

♥ abigail

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