Wednesday, October 27, 2010

you know you're a college student when... find yourself wearing two pairs of pants, four layers of shirts, your leopard-print Snuggie, and a hat to keep warm. Inside your room.

It's getting colder these days, but I am far too frugal to turn on my heat, especially when I'm almost warm with the combination of clothes I'm wearing, plus hot cups of tea every few hours.

Also, I fear my bed would set on fire if I turned on my's an old house, so my heater is one of those units that comes out from the wall. No, that's not its technical name...but it's the best I got, okay?

My room is so small, so my bed has to be pushed right up against the really, turning it on is out of the question.

So until I get rich (ha!) I will continue on with my bundling up method of staying warm. Hey, it works!


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  1. haha - I still do this and I have been out of college going on 4 years. Frugal is frugal and its better to get in the habit now so when you really don't have money after graduating you at least won't remember the days of always having heat